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  • 05 Jul 2018 7:59 PM | Anonymous

  • 20 May 2018 5:57 PM | Elna Mukaida (Administrator)

         As you remember, a tractor trailer hit the north gazebo wall two years ago. Repairs are underway to shore up the platform floor, remove and replace the north wall, and refill the garden bed.  This work is being covered by insurance and is solely to repair the truck damage.

         Unfortunately, the north wall contained the electrical panels that control the court & gazebo lights, sprinkler and splashpad system timers.

    Work inside the gazebo has begun to move the panels temporarily to another wall.

         PSE&G is involved as this is hooked up to the City system.  The work may be delayed by the bad storms that rolled thru  last week Tuesday as crews were being diverted for clean-up/repairs.  The main electrical cables run through the garden section and wall demolition cannot begin until PSE&G moves the cables (when this happens the courts will not be lit for a couple of days).

         The work is expected to be completed by end-July.

         The HPNA is in regular contact with the City about the progress and will report back to the community as we get new updates.

  • 22 Feb 2018 11:43 PM | Anonymous

    Same Name - New Topics! 
    Right Tree - Right Place Seminar, Hudson County, NJ

    Tree Selection, Planting, Maintenance, Resilience, Storms, Pests, Inventory, 811, Grants & More!

    The New Jersey Tree Foundation and Public Service Electric & Gas are offering this FREE seminar on Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place, the Right Way on Friday, April 6 at the Hank Gallo Community Center, Lincoln Park, Jersey City, NJ. To attend, please RSVP by Friday, March 30, 2018 to Lisa Simms at Seating is limited - don't miss out!

    Topics include:

    • Sustainability & Resilience: tree pests, inventory & management.
    • Storms, trees and the aftermath.
    • Tree selection, planting & maintenance.
    • 811! - the importance of utility mark-outs prior to planting.
    • Utility tree pruning.

    Who should attend? 

    Environmental & Shade Tree Commissioners, DPW Supervisors, County Officials, Mayors, Freeholders, and any other interested parties. Space is limited. First come first served.

    Friday, April 6, 2018

    Registration: 8:00 a.m. 
    Program: 8:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.

    Hank Gallo Community Center
    Lincoln Park, Jersey City, NJ

    A continental breakfast will be served.

     This seminar is:

    • Worth 3 Continuing Education Units for towns with a 5-year Community Forestry Management Plan. 
    • Approved by the ISA for 3 Arborist certification renewal credits.
    • Approved by the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs for 3 CEUs for Public Works employees

    To register: RSVP with your name, town/organization and email address by Friday, March 30 to Lisa Simms at

    If you would like send a representative(s), please include their names and contact information (email address).

  • 09 Feb 2018 11:25 AM | Anonymous

    Click link below for Reval Presentation:
    Reval Presentation_Share.pptx

    Click link below to view list of lawyers that performed tax appeals in the Hudson County are in 2017:

  • 01 Oct 2017 5:27 PM | Anonymous

    DCNA Candidates Forum for City Council and Mayor

    The Downtown Coalition of Neighborhood Associations is sponsoring Ward E City Council and Mayoral Debates. The DCNA wrote a letter to all Candidates identifying key concerns and issues raised by downtown Jersey City residents.

    Ward E City Council Debate
    Frank R. Conwell Middle School MS4

    107 Bright St., Jersey City, NJ 07302

    Moderator: Terrence T. McDonald of The Jersey Journal

    Mayoral City Council Debate
    Frank R. Conwell Middle School MS4

    107 Bright St., Jersey City, NJ 07302

    Moderator: Terrence T. McDonald of The Jersey Journal

  • 04 Jun 2017 3:46 PM | Anonymous

    The "SW Traffic Improvement Plan" is a NEW plan developed over the last year by the City of Hoboken. The plan was recently approved by Hoboken City Council and calls for a range of improvements,  including:

    ·         Adding traffic signals to 3 new intersections on Observer Hwy (@ Harrison St, Jackson St, and Madison St);

    o   Significant safety improvements for all modes of transportation

    o   Much easier to travel east-west between New York Ave/Ravine Rd in the Heights and continue eastbound on Observer Hwy

    o   Drivers will now be able to turn in any direction at Madison St/Observer Hwy (no more right turn only!)

    ·         Re-striping Jersey Ave near the Hoboken/JC border from two lanes (one each direction) to four lanes (two in each direction);

    o   No more having to merge from two lanes to one lane just before entering Hoboken

    o   Harrison St onto Newark St/Jersey Ave becomes nearly free-flow with addition of second lane that begins at Harrison St

    ·         Converting Paterson Ave from two-way to one-way westbound between Monroe St and Harrison St;

    o   This will remove the “5th leg” of a 5-legged intersection at Monroe St/Observer Hwy/Paterson Ave, which will translate into 20% extra green time for Observer Hwy and Monroe St

    ·         Restriping Harrison St from one lane to two lanes between Paterson Ave and Observer Hwy;

    o   This will help accommodate additional volume being diverted from Paterson Ave after Paterson Ave becomes one-way for two blocks

    ·         Restriping Jackson St from one lane to two lanes between Newark St and Observer Hwy;

    o   Doubles the lane capacity and queuing capacity on Jackson St

    ·         Converting the Harrison St approach to Newark St from stop sign control to yield control and prohibiting left turns at all time;

    o   Harrison St will become nearly free-flow onto Jersey Ave/Newark St as a result

    ·         Adding a dedicated right turn lane from Observer Hwy/Newark St onto Madison St;

    o   Substantially reduces likelihood of right-turn traffic onto Madison St backing up Observer Hwy

    ·         Adding a second turn lane on Madison St between Newark St and Observer Hwy.

    o   Extra capacity and ability to go left, right, or straight at Madison St should take pressure off of Jackson St as more westbound drivers opt to use Madison St instead of turn right on Jackson St


    Cumulatively, these improvements are estimated to reduce delays in SW Hoboken by an average of 25% during peak periods. Travel time improvements should extend into Jersey City as well, and will definitely benefit Jersey City and Union City residents traveling through SW Hoboken to the Heights or Holland Tunnel area. For example, if someone is driving from Jersey City Heights through SW Hoboken and back into Jersey City near the Holland Tunnel, the SW Traffic Improvement Plan model estimates that this trip will be reduced by up to two minutes. That may not sound like much, but it’s pretty significant.

      NOTE:  The HPNA has requested that Jersey City performs a Traffic Study to see how these changes would affect our neighborhood.


    A PDF of the 2017 SW Traffic Improvement Plan 

    Concept Plan from the 2010 Hoboken/JC Connectivity Study showing the location of the proposed connector road.

  • 29 Apr 2017 11:09 AM | Anonymous
    The developer of 400 Newark is seeking the following variances from the Neighborhood Commercial Zoning district requirements:


    Number of stories (5 is required) we are requesting 7 stories;

    Number of parking spaces (25 required) we are requesting 12;

    Number of bicycle parking spaces (12 required) we are requesting 8;

    Parking stall aisle width (24ft required) we are requesting 19.33 ft.;

    Parking stall size (18 ft. length required) we are requesting 18 ft. and 16 ft. for compact spaces.

    2017.04.29 400 Newark Ave Full Set.pdf 

  • 27 Apr 2017 11:44 PM | Anonymous

    There will be a representative from this project at our next HPNA meeting.  Until then, here are some links if you'd like to learn more about the Bergen Arches Project.  

    Teaser video -

    Short overview -

    In news -

    and Jersey City Digs -

    2017.04.27 Bergen Arches 2.pdf

  • 28 Mar 2017 9:54 AM | Anonymous
    The JC Division of Traffic and Engineering , along with the DPW, recently made a number of improvements to this area. Specifically, they:
    • 1.       Repaired the existing street sign pole at southwest corner of the Jersey/10th intersection so it is facing the correct direction and removed the old "detour" sign on same pole;
    • 2.       Replaced both existing "No Truck" signs at the Jersey/10th intersection with larger signs (increase to 30" from 24");
    • 3.       Placed a supplemental "Truck Route" sign at northeast corner of the Jersey/10th intersection;
    • 4.       Placed a "No Right Turn" sign at the Jersey/9th intersection under the existing one-way arrow (left) sign; and
    • 5.       Placed a "Do Not Enter" sign at southwest corner of Jersey/9th intersection (facing east).

    The JC Division of Traffic and Engineering is also investigating the feasibility of installing more protection at the park entrance. 

  • 08 Feb 2017 3:34 PM | Anonymous

    The proposed amendment to the Jersey Ave RDP (redevelopment plan) containing the newly carved out "Emerson District" dated 2/1/17 will go to the planning board this Tuesday evening 2/14.  This plan has been slightly altered since its 11/3/16 version.

    Here's the 2/1/17 proposed version going before the planning board

    2017.02.01 Jersey Avenue Park Redevelopment Plan - Emerson District Amendments.pdf

    Here's the previous proposed version from 11/3/16

    2016.11.03 Jersey Avenue Park Redevelopment Plan - Emerson District Amendments FINAL.pdf

    Here's the existing plan

    2015.05.13 Jersey Ave Park Amd 07 - RDP.pdf

    Jersey City 2017 Planning Board agendas can be found here:

    If you'd like to get the planning board or zoning board agendas sent to your email directly reach out to Barbara Payne in the planning department:   (201) 547-5010

    Looking towards the northern edge of the Hamilton Park neighborhood and north of the neighborhood this map can let you see what's been built, what's being proposed and what's potentially coming down the road.  Check it out.

    The entire Acme shopping area, along with St. Lucy's shelter (which we've heard is moving), and the historic Lackawanna building (which isn't labelled as historic) is in a redevelopment plan too.  

    2015.05.13 Jersey Ave Light Rail RDP Amd4.pdf

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