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We have a fabulous farmer's market and welcome new vendors.  

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2016 HPNA Farmers Market Vendor Application.pdf

Farmers’ Market Vendor Rules and Regulations

Article I.      Membership, Space, and Fees

Section 1.01            Eligibility

Participation in the HPNA Farmers’ Market is open to all growers/ farmers and local business owners within 200 miles of Jersey City who sign up, pay expected fees, and abide by the Market Rules and Regulations as determined by the HPNA Farmer’s Market Managers.

Section 1.02             Vendor Types

All growers and farmers signing up for the market will be designated within a vendor category based on but not limited to the following criteria:

A. Jersey City Business Owner

1.    Owns and operates a business in Jersey City or a neighboring City.

2.    Participates in the market to sell locally grown or locally produced goods, packaged, and or crafts.

B. Natural Products Artisan

1.    Personally crafts consumer goods.

2.    Primary location of studio is within 200 miles of Jersey City.

C. Full-Time Professional Grower

1.    Sells agricultural products grown within 200 miles of Jersey City, NJ.

2.    Derives personal income from the sale of agricultural products.
Sells both added–value (such as jelly or cheese) and/or fresh agricultural products, 80% of which are directly grown or produced on their own farm.

3.    Participates in other Farmers’ Markets.

4.    Participates in marketing structures other than Farmers’ Markets.

5.    Commits to attending the HPNA Farmers’ Market on a weekly basis. Will be responsible to call or email of if cannot attend market within 24 hr. period of market day. No vendor fees refunded for cancellation.

Section 1.03             Parking

Vendor vehicles will be permitted to park inside the park along Pavonia walkway west and Pavonia walkway east and must not bring vehicles around perimeter of gazebo except for unloading to setup and loading to breakdown – NO exceptions.   Street parking is first come first serve only, assigned spots will not be provided. You are responsible for tickets issued.

Section 1.04             Attendance

Market vendors, except as otherwise noted in these bylaws, are expected to be present at every week of the market. If canceling for a given market day, vendor shall provide at least 24 hour advance notice to the Market Managers. The Market Managers reserve the right to ask vendors to leave the Market should vendor establish a pattern of absence that is disruptive to market operation. Managers reserve the right to remove a vendor from our market season because of delinquency in payment of vendor fees. 

Section 1.05             Vendor Responsibilities

1.    Setup Time:  Market setup will begin no later than 2:30pm.  Vendors will be expected to be ready for business by 3:00pm.  Late arrivals will be treated in the same manner as a no-show.

2.    Trash Removal: Vendor will be responsible for removing all trash/packaging resulting from setup prior to market hours, and agrees to bag and remove all trash at market close (place on the curb at 8th and Jersey Ave or 9th and Jersey)

3.    Pricing: All prices must be clearly marked during market hours

4.    Vendor Business Name and Contact Information must be clearly displayed

Section 1.06             Limitations

HPNA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property, including merchandise and cash. HPNA reserves the right to remove vendor property that is; left unattended, placed outside of a designated vendor space, deemed unsafe, or outside the guidelines of the market.

Section 1.07            Facilities 

Vendors must supply their own tables and/or tents.  Electric is available, and can be provided upon request. Extension cords must be securely taped down for safety.

Section 1.08            Fees

Each vendor must adhere to the following fee schedule:

a)      One Time/Seasonal HPNA Merchant Membership Fee of  $25

b)      Weekly Table/Space Fee based on the following 4’ x 8’ space (i.e. 1 Table and Tent 8’x10’) structure

                        1 Table - $25

                        2 Tables - $35

                        3+ Tables - $45

Vendor Fees must paid in full by all vendors at the beginning of every month for that month.  Please mail or bring your payment checks to the market and present to the FMkt Manager.


We will collect vendor fees due for every month, at the beginning of that     month.  Optional: You can pay for an entire season. Seasonal payments will be for. Summer/Spring Season: April to August, Fall/Winter Season: September to December. Please inquire if interested in Seasonal Payments. 

Article II.    Rules Governing Market Participation

Section 2.01             Off Site Product Sale Limitations

Except in the case of a Category A Vendor (a Jersey City Business Owner) no more than 20% of vendor’s goods may be produced or purchased from outside of the farmer’s/vendor’s agricultural operation. It is the responsibility of the Farm/Grower/Producer/Crafter to verify that products sold adheres to this guideline. If market management has reason to suspect noncompliance, the Market reserves the right to make on site verification of vendor claims. Packaged goods are restricted except for those that are directly produced by the vendor selling the product, such as honey in a jar, donuts in a bag, coffee in a bag, etc. Vendors are not permitted to offer a line of packaged, retail goods no matter how earth-friendly or local they are.

Section 2.02             Satisfy Customers

All vendors shall be fully and solely responsible for guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the quality of their product (inclusive of resale products), and shall take all reasonable steps necessary to provide such satisfaction.  At no point shall HPNA Farmer’s Market, be responsible for resolving any customer complaints about products sold by vendors.  Vendors who fail to guarantee customer satisfaction will be subject to immediate compliance review by the Board of Managers.

Section 2.03             Artisan Items  

The Farmer’s Market Managers will accept New Jersey and New York craft items after a juried review. The market managers reserve the right to reject any vendor or crafter from participation in the market for any reason.  

Section 2.04             Local Sourcing Requirements

To preserve the values of bringing local foods to Jersey City, Category A. vendors, (Jersey City Business Owners) will sell goods grown or produced within 200 miles of Jersey City. If you are selling a product or produce that is not directly grown or produced/roasted/cooked/baked on your own property, its origin must be labeled clearly.  In the case of prepared food, when the food contains a locally sourced ingredient, please label it clearly. e.g. Jersey Fresh Chicken, Basil from Warwick, NY, etc.

Section 2.05             Measurements

USDA approved scales should be used in sales of products sold by weight. If a USDA scale is not used, the seller is encouraged to sell by the item, bunch, number or volume.

Section 2.06             Permits

            JC Fire Department: Sterno, Propane, Gas Generator,and Fire Permits: Permits are the sole responsibility of Vendors and must be obtained by Vendors from the JCFD located on 8th/Marin Blvd. JC, NJ,

prior to market participation.

JC Board of Health: Individual JCBOH permits must be visible if selling a product that requires them.  Vendors from outside Jersey City, or vendors that are not a brick & mortar business, are required to obtain a Jersey City Board of Health permit through the Farmer’s Market Managers.  JC BOH Fees will apply.

For Jersey City based vendors, including home-businesses, HPNA Managers can assist vendors with acquiring seasonal JC Board of Health permits, should your business not have one.  Fees will apply.

The sale of certain products requires certificates or permits issued by the state of New Jersey or other government agencies. Permits include, but are not limited to; processed and cooked foods, fish, dairy products, meats, potted nursery plants, flowers. Vendors are responsible for obtaining all appropriate certifications and inspections as required by the law. The Market may request verification of licensing, where appropriate.

Section 2.07             Processed Food Items

Vendors are required to declare that they will be selling processed food items at the time of application. Processed food items are accepted by the Market, provided they include 80% of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers grown by the market member or other New Jersey grower sources. These include jellies, jams, canned vegetables and fruits, flavored vinegars, oils, dressings, soaps, breads, dairy products and meats. The Managers, on an individual basis, will assess added-value items for sale by market vendors. Items will be evaluated on the basis of their enhancement to the grower’s regularly sold products, their value as an addition to the variety of products at the market and the items historic/traditional nature. The Market reserves the right to make on site verification of vendor claims. It is the vendor’s responsibility to acquire permits and provide verification of certification to sell processed food products. Necessary certificates must be available at the vendors stand during market hours. Vendors are not permitted to bring products to the Market that are not declared at the time of application. If products are added, new application must be submitted.

Section 2.08             Labels

For edible items the FDA recommends the following information on product labels: your name, common product name, list of ingredients, weight or approximate weight stated as such.

Mary Smith-Smith Farms Zucchini Bread
Contents-zucchini, flour, butter, sugar.
Approximate weight (can be marked as…) _ pound or as 1 loaf.

Mary Smith-Smith Farms Cherry Jelly
Contents-cherry juice, water, sugar
_ pint

Section 2.09             Insurance

A certificate of liability insurance is required with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 comprehensive general liability including contracts, liability, products and completed operations and minimum coverage of $500,000.00 automotive liability and worker’s compensation at statutory limits.  This Certificate of Insurance shall include an additional insured endorsement, naming Jersey City and the HPNA Market as an additional insured in respect to the HPNA Farmers’ Market and must be addressed to the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA).

The certificate must be received and approved by the HPNA Farmer’s Market Managers, prior to the Market start of the Market seasonInsurance must remain in full force and effect for the duration of the Market activities and the certificate must reflect coverage effective for the appropriate time period.

Section 2.10             Vendor’s Trash

Each vendor is responsible for cleaning the area around his or her space.  Vendors’ generated waste should be disposed back at the Vendor’s farm or commercial operation. Each vendor is responsible for their space and will be expected to clean it before leaving the area. The Market area shall be kept free of litter, trash and unsightly clutter. Vendors not in compliance will be assessed a $15.00 fee. 

Section 2.11             Signs 

Every Vendor must provide an identification sign, at the Vendor’s own cost and expense. Any claims of being certified organic must be backed up by current certificate available for inspection.

Signs may not exceed 4' by 8'.  Lettering on the sign must be at least two inches tall.   The sign must be brought to the Market by the Vendor each week and must be displayed in the Vendor’s own display area in a prominent location able to be viewed by all customers.

Section 2.12             Displays

All prices must be clearly posted before and during the time of the market.  Tables displaying produce must be set up so that no Vendor blocks or limits the view or access of a customer to a neighboring Vendor. Permission to set up additional displays in front of the tables will be at the discretion of the Market Manager, depending upon the type of produce sold [for items such as melons, etc.]  Vendors are strictly prohibited from displaying or distributing any political paraphernalia including but not limited to flyers, banners, buttons, or other items that could be conceived as campaigning for one political candidate or slate of candidates. Vendors must supply their own scales, bags, tables, awnings, refrigeration if necessary, etc.  Products may be sold by the count, weight, bunch, or in legally acceptable containers.  All other containers must identify the net weight of the contents. 


Not-For-Profit Groups & Clubs must complete and submit the NFP registration form provided, and receive prior approval from the Farmers’ Market Manager. Requests must be in writing and will be decided on a first-come, first serve basis. Invited NFP will be assigned invitation dates. If  a NFP must cancel their invitation to attend the Market, 48 hrs. notice is requested. One table 3’ x 7’, & 2 folding chairs, will be provided at the HPNA tent free of charge.

The Market Manager and the HPNA BoD reserve the right to permit community-based, Not-For-Profit service groups and/or Not-For-Profit clubs to occupy a booth to promote that group’s and/or club’s mission and projects.  Such community-based Not-For-Profit group or club may not interfere with the orderly operation of the Farmers’ Market and may not offer for sale any produce or product or raffle without the express permission of the Market Manger. A Non-Profit organization is strictly prohibited from promoting any political party or slate of candidates, and from passing out political flyers or information. One space will be permitted free of charge each week at the Farmers’ Market and each such space will be permitted to occupy only one table space.  Not-for Profit Community based service groups must register with and be approved by the HPNA Farmers’ Market Managers.  Any such community-based service group desiring to reserve booth space at the Farm Market must receive the prior written approval by the Farmers’ Market Managers.  Requests must be in writing and will be decided on a first-come, first served basis.

Section 2.14             Beverages

The only acceptable bottled beverage to be sold by any vendor is beverages that are directly produced by a market vendor, such as cider, coffee, fresh squeezed/infused, etc. The Board of Directors highly discourages the use of non-biodegradable plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans or metal containers.

Section 2.15             Space Assignments

Vendor will be assigned a space for the season.  Should a vendor wish to change the assigned space, a request must be submitted for approval to HPNA Farmer’s Market Managers and Committee.

Section 2.16             Conflicts

Any conflicts arising during HPNA Farmers Market hours should be addressed immediately by contacting the HPNA Farmer’s Market Managers.  Vendors shall refrain from addressing conflicts between other vendors before contacting the HPNA representatives:  Manager: Debbie Walters, c: 917-608-0599, Asst. Mgr. Bob McHugh, c: 201-401-4728. 

                   Vendor Removal From Market:

The HPNA market managers reserve the right to remove a vendor who they find has violated any of the HPNA Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations.

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